Tips And Advice To Avoid Impulse Spending

Impulse spending is all about things you don’t need but think you want. If you are a victim of this habit, try following some tips on how to stop yourself.

How often have you walked into a superstore to buy diapers and milk for your kid, only to buy everything but what you came for? That, my friend, is an impulse, and if you have been indulging in it, you are about to go broke.   


People who fall victim to this phenomenon buy things they do not need but think they might find a use for later. The biggest prey that forces you to spend a little more is the checkout aisle with its delicious displays.  


How do you stop yourself from emptying your pocket? You can start with some of these simple solutions to reduce impulsive spending.  



Set Money Goals  


Having a goal helps you stick to your decision. For example, if you have a mortgage, you know you need to save money to make the monthly payments. So, set a budget, journal your spending, and make a money plan to pay off your debt.  



Shop With Cash  


Shopping with cash is more limiting than with a credit card. An excellent way to ensure you don’t buy anything other than the necessary items is to carry the exact amount of money you need. This way, you will not be tempted to spend on items you don’t need.  



Use The Envelope Method  


The Envelope Method keeps you in your lane when it comes to spending. Label multiple envelopes and place a certain amount in them.  


For example, your monthly budget for eating out is $50, and you have set aside $150 for groceries. You cannot use the groceries envelope if you run out of money in the eating-out envelope.   



Make A List Before Shopping  


Having a list of items, you need to buy keeps you focused. Your mind will stop you from reaching out for anything unnecessary that is not on the list. Make sure to be ready with a list on your next shopping trip. 



Create Obstacles To Make Shopping Hard  


Do you not feel like going out? Shop online and get everything delivered to your door; this is one of the biggest impulse spending temptations. To fight this, delete all the shopping apps from your mobile phone and clear your favorites.  



Introduce Some Flexibility in Your Spending  


If you limit yourself too much, you might snap and go on a shopping spree. So, introduce some flexibility in your budget and have a fun day or two once a month.  



Find Support  


Doing things alone isn’t always easy, but it is not impossible either. Hence, you should find an accountability partner to keep you in check.   

Don’t Shop When You Are Upset and Emotional  


Most people shop when they are depressed or sad. In their vulnerable state, they buy things that make no sense. It could be anything from a pretty dress to an extremely expensive gadget.  Whenever you are upset and get the impulse to shop, here’s what you can do:  

  • Blare loud music and dance free style. 

  • Go for a walk.

  • Invite a friend over. 

  • Just do anything in your power to stop yourself from spending!  


Declutter Before You Spend  


Parting from a possession can be hard. Every time you think about buying something, get rid of a personal item. This habit will not only help you declutter but also make you aware of how much you own.   



Unsubscribe From Sales Newsletters 


Those emails you get about sales and discounts tempt you to no end. So, unsubscribe from these newsletters and remove the temptation entirely.  

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