Making Money Working Micro Tasks

Having a side hustle might be too much combined with your regular work schedule, but you can earn money during your spare time with these micro task websites and platforms.

Earning extra cash won’t require a second job but a small side hustle of micro-tasks that are easy money, literally. Spending a small amount of your free time can land you some extra bucks to spend on your next shopping trip with these easy micro-task platforms.



You may have heard of the money-saving app Swagbucks that offers great deals, cashback on purchases from certain retailers, and ways to get points from home. Swagbucks is great for shopping trips but is also good for earning some points in your spare time at home that can be redeemed for gift cards.



Swagbucks offer points for rewards by watching sponsored videos, taking surveys, downloading apps, playing online games, using the Swagbucks search engine, and you can earn more when referring family or friends. Swagbucks also offers points for scanning receipts from in-store purchases that can be stacked with additional savings with store promotions.



Another valuable micro-task website is InboxDollars that offers all sorts of ways to collect points or dollar amounts for participating in surveys, playing online games, downloading apps, cashback offers for products/services, watching videos, cashback in select retailers, and cashback with receipt redemption for certain products. You can also be rewarded for referring family and friends for more points to redeem for gift cards.



The Branded Surveys website offers points for completing surveys with the unique cash-out option through PayPal, direct bank deposit, or gift cards. Simply complete short surveys to collect points and you can cash out starting at 500 points for $5 for most gift cards but Amazon offers gift cards for any amount starting at one cent so you can cash out with how much you want with virtually no limit.



One of the most popular micro-task hustles is the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) program that offers several ways to make money in your free time. Each task pays under $1 with each task taking 20minutes or less that can add up when you do multiple tasks.



MTurk offers payout methods including Amazon gift cards or payments that are directly deposited to your bank account. New users are required to wait 10 days to claim to earn and after this period you receive payment for each completed task with some users making up to $6 per hour.



Similar to MTurk, Clickworker is a micro-task side hustle for completing small online tasks such as completing surveys, testing apps, copyediting, research, categorizing data, and proofreading. Clickworker pays on a per-project basis so the faster you work, the more you can make. Users of Clickworker make an average of $9 per hour and can withdraw earnings weekly on PayPal with a minimum balance of $10.



These are some micro tasks that can be completed online for some extra cash, and you can research more micro task websites to earn more money during your free time. Keep in mind that the payout for one task might be small but multiple tasks can add up to a bigger payday.

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